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LCA Greenhouse Gas Forum

The LCA’s recent information forum on the Government’s proposed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions pricing scheme was attended by a group of around 30 landowners, farmers and professionals. Held at the Wellsford RSA and led by main speaker Max Rowsell, the forum was organised by the LCA to help farmers understand their options and obligations when…

LCA in the news

An article on the LCA’s upcoming forum on the Green House Gas (GHG) scheme appeared in the latest edition of the Mahurangi Matters. The forum is aimed at giving local farmers (and anyone else interested) an overview of what the GHG scheme is and associated compliance obligations. Max Rowsell, a local Farm Management Consultant, will…

‘Tis the season

As a proud part of our local communities, the LCA recently took part in both the Wellsford and Warkworth Santa Parades. Fair to say the team did a great job with the float.

The LCA reappointed to Rural Advisory Panel

The LCA is actively involved in mediation and advocacy roles for numerous rural issues along with a close working relationship with our Rodney Local Board members and Rodney Ward member Cr Greg Sayers. We have now been re appointed our former seat on the Auckland Council’s Rural AdvisoryPanel on the instruction of our new Mayor…

Emissions Trading Scheme Meeting

As many will be aware, there has been much discussion recently about the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme and its impacts on farmers and landowners. Rather than conducting a workshop of our own, The LCA thought it would be of more value to share an overview of the proposed scheme and compliance obligations at a “grassroots”…

Next meeting: 29 September

A notice to all wishing to attend that the next LCA meeting is on the 29 September 2022, 7pm at the Wellsford RSA.

Mayoral Candidates Forum

On the 6 September 2022 a full Wellsford Community Hall heard from mayoral candidates Gary Brown, Wayne Brown and Craig Lord. Unfortunately neither Viv Beck nor Efeeso Collins were able to attend on the night. Colin Smith, a candidate for the Wellsford subdivision of the Rodney local Board also presented to the meeting.  The meeting was…

AGM news

At our recent AGM held on the 25 August 2022, Brian Mason was re-elected Chairman. Other office holders are Tim Holdgate as vice-chairman, Neil Jones as treasurer, and Rick O’Flaherty as secretary.

2022 Annual General Meeting

The 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Landowners and Contractors Association is to be held on Thursday the 25th August 2022 at 7pm in the Wellsford RSA, Matheson Road, Wellsford. All are welcome to attend.


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