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The Landowners and Contractors Association Inc. (LCA) is a rurally focused group striving to represent their communities and help build a future we all hope for.

Latest news

LCA submission and proposal to Mayor Wayne Browne

At a recent meeting with Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown in Warkworth on the 13th August, LCA members had the opportunity to make a submission on the perspectives and issues of local landowners and contractors with regard to Auckland Council. At the same, we also submitted a proposal for a ‘right of appeal’ developed by Gordon Levet.…

LCA Greenhouse Gas Forum

The LCA’s recent information forum on the Government’s proposed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions pricing scheme was attended by a group of around 30 landowners, farmers and professionals. Held at the Wellsford RSA and led by main speaker Max Rowsell, the forum was organised by the LCA to help farmers understand their options and obligations when…

LCA in the news

An article on the LCA’s upcoming forum on the Green House Gas (GHG) scheme appeared in the latest edition of the Mahurangi Matters. The forum is aimed at giving local farmers (and anyone else interested) an overview of what the GHG scheme is and associated compliance obligations. Max Rowsell, a local Farm Management Consultant, will…